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Lake Stevens School District Administrators

Directory & Phone Numbers 

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Educational Services Center 

Superintendent of Schools

Amy Beth Cook
(425) 335-1502 

Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources 

Ken Collins   
(425) 335-1505

Assistant Superintendent of Business Services

Teresa Main
(425) 335-1503

Executive Director of Special Services

Miriam Tencate
(425) 335-1504

Executive Director of Assessment & Student Learning

Gina Anderson
(425) 335-1582

Executive Director of Secondary Education

John Gebert
(425) 335-1624

Executive Director of Elementary Education

Graham Cook 
(425) 335-1592

Director of Communications 

Jayme Taylor
(425) 335-1501

Executive Director of Operations and Technology

Robb Stanton
(425) 335-1506

Supervisor of Grounds and Maintenance 

Kevin Knowles
(425) 335-1507 or 1500

Supervisor of Transportation

Delana Reeves
(425) 335-1508

Food, Nutrition and Health Services Manager

Mollie Langum
(425) 335-1561

Supervisor of Custodial Services

(425) 335-1625

Lake Stevens High School

Lake Stevens High School Principal

Eric Cahan
(425) 335-1515

Associate Principal   
Penny Therrien

Associate Principal/Attendance

Leslie Ivelia

Associate Principal/CTE Director

Ron Moag

Associate Principal and Athletic Director

Jason Pearson

Cavelero Mid-High School


Mike Snow
(425) 335-1630

Associate Principal 

Tonya Grinde

Associate Principal 

Josh Rosenbach

Director of Athletics

Jim Martin

North Lake Middle School


Brad Abels
(425) 335-1530

Associate Principal 

Will Kahn

Lake Stevens Middle School


Lisa Sanchez
(425) 335-1544

Associate Principal 

James Sinning

Elementary Schools

Principal - Glenwood Elementary

John Balmer
(425) 335-1510

Principal - Hillcrest Elementary

Steve Burleigh
(425) 335-1545

Associate Principal - Hillcrest Elementary   
Susan Songstad 

Principal - Highland Elementary

Matt Pewitt
(425) 335-1585

Associate Principal - Highland Elementary                                Sarah Danielson

Principal - Mt. Pilchuck Elementary

Chris Larson
(425) 335-1525

Principal - Skyline Elementary

Dave Bartlow 
(425) 335-1520

Principal - Sunnycrest Elementary

Tim Haines
(425) 335-1535

Associated Principal - Sunnycrest Elementary
Susan Songstad


HomeLink Coordinator

Tina Vinnick
(425) 335-1594

Early Learning Center 

Dean of Students

Matt Wyant
(425) 335-1643