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Student Assistance Program 

S.A.P Mission Statement 
The purpose of the Lake Stevens High School SAP team is to support and enhance student learning and well-being through the areas of prevention, intervention, and support as well as to help provide assistance to students who are showing signs of substance abuse, academic, attendance, and behavioral problems.

What is S.A.P ?
SAP is a program at LSHS that was constituted by the school board and our superintendent, Dr. Burgess, in October of 2005. The SAP team (short for Student Assistance Program) originally was set-up to help students with substance abuse issues but the SAP purpose has grown to include almost any issues that a student faces that could hinder their academic and human growth (self-cutting, anorexia, bulimia, mental, physical, or emotional abuse at home etc.).

Anybody can refer a student if they think there is an issue surrounding that student. A staff member, a parent, a student can self-referral or peer referral another student. The SAP team will anonymously investigate the referral, with the student's knowledge, and attempt to help them. The program is not set-up as a punitive or discipline program but one to truly help kids with any issue (s) that may be negatively impacting their growth as a person.
Who are on the S.A.P Team at Lake Stevens High School?
DeDe Strong-Counselor
Jim Willie-Counselor
Amy Wiklund-Counselor
Angela Riebli-Counselor
Julie Stelzner-Nurse
Penny Therrien- Administrator
Steve Pitkin- Student Assistance Specialist
Jenn Hudson- Student Support Specialist
Carol Shapiro- Psychologist

All the referrals will be sent in anonymously. The SAP team encourages you to identify yourself, so we might work with you to gain more understanding before meeting with the identified student of concern.Then you may select your right to remain anonymous from the student of concern, if you wish,using the box at the bottom of the referral page found at the link below.

SAP Referral Form