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Click on your school's menu below to see all the choices and exactly what will be served on what day! You may receive "Student Account Low Balance Notifications" sent directly to your personal email account. If you have any questions - call the nutrition office at 425-335-1561.  Click here for a fact sheet on how to set up email notifications.
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2015-16 Breakfast and Lunch Menus  
(Menus are subject to change)  

Early Learning/ECEAP Lunch:
Elementary Breakfast & Lunch:

Middle (NLMS & LSMS) Lunch:
Cavelero Mid-High Lunch:
High School Lunch:


Q: Why do Reduced-Price Students have "$ No Charge" listed for Breakfast and Lunch for grades K-3 only?
A: The co-pay (historically $0.30 for breakfast and $0.40 for lunch) is paid for by state funding. All grades K - 12 apply for breakfast; however, there was only enough funding available to cover the copay for grades K-3 for lunch.
If you have any further questions about this - contact the Nutrition Office at 425-335-1561.