• Cavelero Athletics Overview

    The purpose of the Cavelero Mid High Athletic Program is to help develop young people both physically and mentally. A student who makes the choice to become an athlete does so knowing that extra effort, time and sacrifice are required for success. With this choice comes the privilege of participating in a well-organized program, which is of special interest to him or her and for which the school provides coaches, equipment and facilities.



    Tips for Navigating Athletics Webpage

    As a Mid High School Cavelero is in a unique position with 1/2 middle school students and 1/2 high school students.  When navigating this website please make sure you are looking at the correct grade level for your student or you will have trouble locating athletic schedules.
    Middle School Athletics (Grade 8) has FOUR seasons as follows:
    Fall  --  Football, Softball*, Cross Country
    (Approx. start date is first day of school, football may start before the first day of school)
    Winter 1  --  Boys Basketball*, Volleyball*
    (Approx. start date is late October/early November)
    Winter 2  --  Girls Basketball*, Wrestling
    (Approx. start date is 3rd or 4th week in January)
    Spring  -- Track 
    (Approx. start date is last week of March)
    All 8th grade schedules are posted online at ArbiterLive.  
    CLICK TO VISIT the Cavelero schedule page.
    *Cut sports - tryouts at least the first three days.
    High School Athletics (Grade 9) has THREE seasons as follows:
    Fall  --  Football, Girls Soccer*, Cross Country, Boys Tennis*, Girls Swimming, Volleyball*
    (ALL of these sports start BEFORE school is in session, football starts in mid-August, all others approx. the third Monday in August)
    Winter  --  Boys Basketball*, Girls Basketball*, Wrestling, Boys Swimming
    (Approx. start date is mid-November) 
    Spring  --  Baseball*, Softball*, Track, Girls Golf*, Boys Golf*, Boys Soccer*, Girls Tennis*
    (Approx. start date is late February/1st week of March)
    *Italicized sports above are Cut Sports.  Please see the Cut Sports policy for details.