• Health Services Overview

    Children with stethoscope

    Health Services Mission Statement
    The goal of Health Services is to ensure the medical needs of all students are met.  This shall be accomplished by working with the student, his/her family, LSSD staff, health care providers and the community through open communication, ongoing education and providing a positive working relationship to maintain correct health information about each student.

    To attain this, our school nurses are committed to:

    • Developing, implementing and evaluating individual care plans for each student. These plans are an ongoing guide to monitoring student health needs. The needs identified shall have health care provided under the direction of the School Nurse and written Physician orders, include medication administration, health care procedures and services to assist each student in having a quality and safe school experience.
    • Monitoring each school's Health Room procedures and services, maintaining high health care standards for all the students, LSSD staff and the LSSD community. This shall be accomplished by records, audits, ongoing staff education and training, and adhering to the health and safety standards set by regulations, policies and laws that govern the LSSD and Washington State Public Schools.
    • Maintaining and enforcing the Laws and Regulations set by the Nursing Practice Act, LSSD, Washington State Government and the Federal Government and meeting the needs of our students, LSSD staff and the LSSD community in regard to school health care.