• Johnston
    Barb Johnston
    Phone: 425-335-1630  Ext.  3707
    Room: C121
    Position: Finance/Business Office
    Welcome to the webpage for the Finance/Business Office.  This is where you would:
    Buy ASB, Yearbooks, PE shirts, Class fees, pay fines, etc.
    You can also inquire about financial assistance (limited resources available), information about fines, get locker help, get help with pictures and ID cards.
    My office hours are:  6:45-7:30, 10:00-12:00, 1:45-2:15, daily.
    You may also pay for items online here:  https://wa-lakestevens.intouchreceipting.com/
    If you need a refund for a fee paid (transferred out of the class after fee paid, paid fine-then found and returned book, etc.), please print, fill out your section and sign the ORDER FOR REFUND form.  Once it is returned to me please allow 30 days for processing.