• Publications & Reports

    Lake Schools
    Lake Schools, the district's community newsletter, is produced four times a year and mailed to all residences in Lake Stevens.

    e-News is emailed to district families each month. Community members are also encouraged to subscribe to receive important updates about our schools.

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    Citizen's Budget
    Every school district is required to produce an annual Budget, formally called the F-195. The Citizen's Budget is a representation of the F-195 in terms of graphs and narratives.

    Washington State Report Card
    Lake Stevens School District's annual state report card provides student assessment data, demographic information and financial data.

    Performance Reports
    Each school produces an annual performance report that lists academic accomplishments and goals, information about supplementary programs, assessment data, student demographic information, staff information and an overview of financial resources.

    CTE Program of Study 2017-18
    This document contains a list of career and technical education (CTE) programs offered at Lake Stevens School District. It will be revised as new courses are offered.

    CTE Program of Study 2017-18 (PDF)