• Running Start Information

    For more information please contact Tzel Hernandez @ tzel_hernandez@lkstevens.wednet.edu

    Quarterly Application Priority Dates 

    Applications submitted by the dates below will be given priority for processing and registration.

    • Earlybird - April 18
    • Fall – May 1
    • Winter – November 1
    • Spring – February 1

    Running Start at Everetty Community College
    The Running Start program allows students to take college courses at community and technical colleges which can be applied toward high school graduation and potential college degrees. How do I qualify for Running Start? 

    In order to participate in the Running Start program, you must: 

    • Have successfully completed your sophomore year with 12 credits or more, and be in the junior or senior cohort.
    • Be prepared to take college-level courses and do college-level work. College-level courses can be highly demanding, requiring up to two hours of homework for every hour of instruction. 
    • Pass a college entrance examination (the Acuplacer or Compass test) in order to take any college classes, and be accepted for admission to the Running Start program. Placement into English 101 is strongly recommended, data shows students are more successful when they place into English 101. 
    • Furnish your own transportation to and from the community college. 
    • Purchase your own books for any classes you take, and pay any fees and/or fines for classes and books. College tuition will be paid by the State of Washington. You must take the college courses for credit (no auditing). Tuition on credits below 100 level will NOT be covered by Running Start. um number of credits Running Start will pay for an academic student was reduced to 15 credits. 

    Running Start program option: The Ocean Research College Academy (ORCA) is an early college high school academy, one of the first in Washington State. ORCA is the only early college in the nation that uses the local marine environment as the unifying theme to integrate the core academic disciplines.