• Substance Abuse Intervention


    Steven Pitkin, CCDC
    Substance Abuse Prevention/Intervention Specialist
    Contact: Office (425) 335-1571 ext. 2244 / (425) 308-6375
    Email: steve_pitkin@lkstevens.wednet.edu

    Schedule: On campus Tuesdays and Wednesdays

    Serving both Cavelero Mid-High and Lake Stevens High School, Mr. Pitkin provides confidential services for students and families, including individual and group sessions, screening, and community referrals. Specializing in substance abuse related topics, he also works with other connected issues. Students who have received a discipline sanction in the areas of nicotine, alcohol, or other drugs will have an opportunity to receive support services from Mr. Pitkin, and he also provides the Family Info Night once per month, which is open to any parent. He has also been the LSHS Healthy Youth Survey coordinator since 2006. To contact Mr. Pitkin with questions or concerns please use the contact information listed above. You can also contact the counseling center at CMHS for additional assistance at (425) 335-1664.


    • Provide support and information services to students and families with concerns and questions about substance abuse.
    • Make community referrals to local resources.
    • Provide consultation and assistance for faculty.
    • Present information in classrooms.


    • By providing a safe and private place for students and concerned adults to explore what they might need. All services are confidential.
    • By facilitating communication and openness between students and concerned adults whenever possible.