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    Ways you can help your child in reading. . .

    • Read to your child every day and vary the type of material.
    • Encourage your child to use a new word several times to reinforce its meaning and use.
    • Look up the meaning of interesting words you encounter.
    • Ask your child to summarize the main points after you read something.
    • Provide 20-30 minutes for your child to read independently, read to a sibling, or read to you every day.
    • Discuss reactions to different types of books.
    • Encourage your child to participate in community programs that include reading and writing.
    • Encourage your child to try new types of genres and books.
    • Let your child see you and other family members enjoy reading regularly.
    When it is hard for your child to write or talk about information from text, here are some stems that will help start their thinking process