• Have You Filled Someone's Bucket Today?

    We Declare That We Will ALWAYS Be Bucket Filling Leaders!

    "Have You filled A Bucket Today? A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids" by Carol McCloud is a story which explains how words and acts of kindness affect us as individuals.  She says that everyone carries around an invisible bucket holding their feelings.  When it is full, we feel happy.  When it is empty we feel sad.

    This year, every child will have a bucket on our bulletin board in the classroom.  Students will be encouraged to actively engage in filling each others buckets with kind words and gratitude.  This will not be a popularity opportunity or only fill my best friends bucket with “you are cool.” We will work together to talk about the kinds of things that make us feel good about ourselves and empowering words that will help us to continue doing what is good.  Every Friday morning, the children will empty their buckets and read the kind words that were said about them.

    Students take on the responsibility of making sure all buckets are filled by Thursday afternoon. I check this as well during the week and also monitor the content of the notes. The class understands that buckets are private. They may not look into other buckets or peek at their own during the week. When the students empty their buckets on Friday morning, they remain private. The students read their messages and place them in their backpack without discussion. If there are any that they want to keep in their TRIBE Notebook, they place them in their bucket envelope. There may not be any discussion, but there are smiles! The students appreciate the respect and compliments from their classmates.

    A smiling bucket with glitter and hearts