• Being Proactive, Beginning with the End in Mind, and Putting First Things First are all habits that will help you minimize the amount of nightly Home Learning that you have.


    ·         To provide review, reinforcement, and/or enrichment

    ·         To develop study skills

    ·         To prepare for assessment of curriculum

    ·         To increase student responsibility and application of the seven habits

    Student Responsibility:

    Be Proactive- use class time well to eliminate the need for home learning

    Begin with the End in Mind- complete homework to demonstrate mastery of skills

    Put First Things First- setting priorities for themselves so they can enjoy those things that help them to sharpen the saw

    In order to apply the aforementioned habits into their lives student will:

    ·         Plan a daily home learning time

    ·         Take home EVERYTHING you need

    ·         Choose a quiet study place

    ·         Read and follow ALL directions

    ·         Do your work neatly and carefully

    ·         Ask for help if you need it, but do the work yourself

    ·         Keep your home learning in your backpack when you are finished working on it

    ·         Return your home learning on time


    Family Responsibility:

    ·         Make home learning a top priority in your home

    ·         Provide quiet environment

    ·         Support them in their home learning decisions, step back and allow them to do the work

    ·         Provide praise and encouragement

    ·         READ every night



    ·         Home Learning will be assigned Monday through Thursday nights

    ·         Home Learning should only take 40 minutes to complete (ten minutes per grade level)



    We have a home learning board in our classroom.  Every morning students will turn in their work and for any assignment that they did not complete, they will place a color coded strip in their number on the board.  During their recess they will be responsible for getting that assignment and completing it.  Assignments will be available for two weeks and then will turn into a zero.  Because home learning is not a grade, it will be used as a behavior factor on the report card.  If missing assignments become a concern, we will communicate with the family to make a successful plan for the future.



    Please feel free to call or email me at school if you have any question concerning your child and his/her education.