• Wednesday Folders are the school's primary means of communication with the families of Mt. Pilchuck.
    What to Expect:
    * Folders will come home every Wednesday
    * Inside the folder you will find resources to be kept at home as well as resources to return to school.  All graded work and projects will be sent home in the Wednesday folder and UNLESS they are in the return to school section and have a signature stamp on them, PLEASE keep all school work at home.
    Student's Responsibility:
    * Take home Wednesday folder in their backpack
    * Share with parent(s) before the following Monday
    * Place folder with needed materials back into your backpack so it is not left at home or misplaced
    * Return to school by the following Monday so it is ready to be refilled for the next week
    * When it is returned, place the empty folder back in the file system so it does not get lost or misplaced
    Parent's Responsibility:
    * Look through all material that is sent home 
    * Use the folder as a communication tool between you and your child
    * Sign the folder stating that you have viewed all material sent home

    * There will be one warning given when a folder is not brought back for the following week.  
    * If the warning is not successful, a parent/student/teacher contract will be created in order to
        set up a successful plan of action for the next week.
    * If the folder is completely misplaced, one replacement will be given out.
    * It will become the child's responsibility to communicate what is to be left at home and what is
        to be returned to school if the replacement folder is lost.