• We are working hard to synergize at Mt. Pilchuck and create a discipline system that works for all students in every classroom.  Each student will have the opportunity to be in charge of their own behavior, tracking their progress, and problem solving in their weaknesses.


    ·        To allow students to take ownership of their emotions, actions and behaviors

    ·        To help students identify weaknesses and work on strategies to become better leaders

    ·        To avoid distractions within the classroom


    System (Monitoring Negative Behavior):

    ·        Step One: Verbal Warning

    ·        Step Tw Time lost within the classroom (5 minutes)

    ·        Step Three: Removed from class, complete think form in buddy classroom. 

    ·        Step Four: Lost Recess and conference with teacher.  Parents will be informed at this step.

    ·        Step Five: Office Referral and parent contact.

    System (Rewarding Leadership Behavior):

    ·        Leadership Level One: Being Proactive (students are doing what they are supposed to because they know it will prevent them from having to do it later and waste personal time)

    ·        Leadership Level Two: Model Student (students are not only being proactive but they are helping to hold other students accountable to eliminate wasted learning time)

    ·        Leadership Level Three: Exceptional Leader (students are not only being proactive and holding others accountable, but they are exhibiting the seven habits in a way that moves others to follow and do the same)

    Student Responsibility:

    ·        Every day students will start on “Ready to Learn”

    ·        They will work hard to move up the Leadership ladder, preventing them from moving

                down the steps.

    ·         They will move their number stick any time they are asked based on an observation.

    ·         They will also be tracking their behavior in their TRIBE notebooks to share with you at