• Thank you for taking the time to be proactive and set your child up for success in our room.  There are a few things that are needing to be added to our list (Mrs. Kendall was changed to fourth grade after the supply list was sent out).  Your child will have the opportunity to gather these additional supplies if you are unable to get them before school starts.
    I also wanted to make sure that we posted the list on the website so all families have continuous access to the list.  As school goes on, I know that students will be in need of refreshing their supplies.  I also know that with all the paperwork we get as families, the supply list will most likely be the last thing on our fridge.  Therefore, if we post it on the website, it will make refreshing supplies SUPER easy:).
    Our class will have both community supplies and personal supplies.  Please look carefully at the supplies you will want to label with your child's name and those that will be left for class use.
    Personal Labels:
    Colored Pencils
    Pencil Sharpener
     Everything else will be used as community supplies
    Additional Supplies:
    Pencil Box to contain supplies     
    One pack of colored  pocket folders ( please make sure they have the three brads inside for
                                                                                           attaching papers)
    One pack of fine tip dry erase markers (they are on the list but say Mrs. Colvin only)
    One pack of black gel pens (they are on the list but say Mrs. McWatters only)