• My Promise to You!

    I promise to empower you, let you know you are special and equip you to do the hard work to succeed.

    I promise to remind you that good grades are not automatic; that work has to be done, learning has to occur, and teaching has to happen.

    I promise to focus our home learning on the exploration of skills taught in class, not just another worksheet to complete.

    I promise to equip you so that you may take the opportunity to challenge yourself and reach for things that seem just out of your reach.

    I promise to stick to our classroom mission and hold everyone accountable to those things we value most as a class.

    I promise to tell the world about you as learners and leaders.

    I promise to encourage you to look beyond yourself and how you may give back to the environments and people that gave so much to you.

    I promise to treat you as an individual; highlighting your special strengths and walking along side you as you try to overcome any weakness you may have.

    I promise to create learning opportunities that meet your specific learning needs.

    I promise to foster experiences within our classroom that allow you the opportunity to engage in higher level thinking; involving choice and creativity.

    I promise to learn from you and provide you with the best instruction that will give you the opportunity to be an empowering leader today and when you are grown.