• Morning Routine:

    Our days are packed with learning and it is important to make sure we are prepared for the day.  Our morning routines will make sure that we are both beginning with the end in mind and being proactive; two habits that will help us become independent leaders. Your morning routines NEED to be done by 9:20.


    ·        Set up the day up for efficiency

    ·        Getting things done so they don’t become time wasters


    ·        Make sure you have two sharpened pencils (DO NOT sharpen your own pencils that is not          putting first things first)

    ·        Fill your water bottle

    ·        Go to the bathroom

    ·        Eat breakfast (it MUST be finished by 9:20)

    ·        Check the board for information about the morning meeting or things that need to be           done before class starts

    ·        Turn in ALL homework and place homework slips in your pocket for any missing work

    ·        Make sure your job is done

    Afternoon Routine:

    Our afternoon routines will only take a few minutes but they will set us up for success for the next.


    ·        Create a successful night at home with home learning

    ·        Allow for efficient and smooth transition into the next day


    ·        Make sure that you have placed any unsharpened pencil in the bin

    ·        Clean off the top of your desk, making sure that your cubby materials are in your cubby   

               and desk materials are in the desk

    ·        Fill out your planner (Being Proactive would mean to fill out your planner as we go through

               the day)

    ·        Do your classroom leadership job

    ·        Place your TRIBE Notebook in your backpack (DO NOT forget to put it back in your

               backpack at home so it is not left behind)

    ·        Gather any other needed material for that night, including your rocket math folder, and

             place in your backpack