• Math Expressions - Family Resource

    Here is where we will find all of our parent resources and information. The link to the website "eduplace" is on the parent resource page. All of the materials that I am placing on this webpage can also be found on the website. One of the benefits to going to this page is I will post information as we get there so you prevent yourself from going ahead and confusing yourself and your child. It may be helpful to hit the eglossary on the website if you are unfamiliar with some of the terminology.

    Unit One Overview (teacher version) This overview gives some examples and other detailed information that you may find helpful.

    Unit One Family Overview This overview gives a detailed definition about the purpose of unit one. There are no examples.

    Unit One Parent Letter Part One This will give you information on the first 9 lessons.

    Unit One Parent Letter Part Two This will give you information on lessons 10-16. We will not be reaching these lessons until the second or possibly third week in October.

    All Units are present on this site. You can click on a unit, click on the type of work you want and then it produces several worksheets or options for you to print off and work from. This is a great resource for those students that may not have homework every night, but you want to keep the homework routine in place.