• Elementary Highly Capable Students Program

    At the elementary level, identified HiCap students in kindergarten, 1st and 2ndgrade are provided differentiated instruction in the regular classroom. This includes accelerated learning, advanced instruction, and challenging content provided by the classroom teacher.

    HiCap-qualified students in grades 3, 4, and 5 are clustered together in one or more classrooms at each grade level and in each school. Depending on the total number of students that qualify for the program, each cluster typically has five to eight students. In some situations, HiCap students may be clustered in a multi-age classroom (3-4 or 4-5).

    Cluster grouping is an organizational structure in which all of the HiCap students in a grade level are assigned to one teacher rather than being dispersed among every classroom at that grade level. Clustered students are grouped with students that have a range of academic abilities, but regrouped as a cluster within the same classroom for accelerated and enriched instruction in areas where their skills are at much higher levels. This arrangement allows for continuity of instruction and an opportunity for clustered students to interact with their grade level peers as well as with a group of other HiCap students.

    Our elementary librarians also partner with classroom teachers around the instruction of their HiCap cluster and provide at least an hour a week of additional enrichment activities for students in cluster classrooms.

    Accelerated learning, advanced curriculum, and additional activities provide an accelerated and challenging instructional experience for HiCap-qualified students during their elementary years.