• Secondary Highly Capable Students Program

    Starting in our middle schools, challenge level classes are designed for highly capable students in addition to other high performing students. A student who has qualified for Highly Capable services in math will be automatically enrolled in pre-algebra starting in 6th grade and if qualified in language arts, will be automatically enrolled in Advanced Challenge Language Arts. At this level, curriculum is compacted and accelerated. Additional projects and higher level reading/writing assignments are designed to keep students working at advanced levels. Students can continue to elect to stay on accelerated tracks in language arts and math so that by 9th grade they have pre-AP options and Advanced Placement (AP) options or college in the high school options in multiple subject areas in high school. At any time, families can work with secondary guidance counselors to choose alternate pathways to meet the unique needs and interests of their students.

    Below you will find math and language arts course maps that outline options as students move through secondary schools. There are many other areas that students can also start to explore and find challenge in as well outside of these two pathways and each year you will see in Cavelero's and Lake Stevens High School's course catalogue opportunities for challenge level classes, Advanced Placement classes and opportunities for earning college credit in the high school in a variety of subject areas.