• Student Assistance Program (SAP)

    The Student Assistance Program (SAP) began in October 2005 to help students struggling with substance abuse. Its purpose has grown to include multiple issues that threaten a student's academic and human growth.

    Anyone can ask for help. Asking for help is sometimes called making a referral. You can make an anonymous referral for a friend or family member who goes to school at Cavelero Mid High School or Lake Stevens High School. You can also refer yourself.

    SAP Referral Forms

    The SAP team will anonymously investigate the referral, with the student's knowledge, and attempt to help them. The program is not set-up as a punitive or discipline program but one to truly help kids with any issue(s) that may be negatively impacting their growth as a person.

    SAP Teams by Location

    Each team is made up of people equipped and eager to help you meet your needs.

    Lake Stevens High School

    • Dan Alderson, Associate Principal
    • Tonya Grinde, Associate Principal
    • Jason Pearson, Associate Principal
    • Josh Roehl, Associate Principal
    • Sarah Bowman, Counselor
    • Emily Chilson, Counselor
    • Tzel Hernandez, Counselor
    • Stephanie Lewis, Counselor
    • Amy Wiklund, Counselor
    • Michael Moore, Dean of Students
    • Steve Pitkin, Intervention Specialist
    • Jennifer Hudson, Mental Health Support Specialist
    • Heather Carter, Nurse
    • Allison Wood, Psychologist
    • Leslie Ivelia, Principal

    Cavelero Mid High School

    • Raphil Hasegawa, Assoc. Principal
    • Jazmyn Allen, Counselor
    • Guin Reeves, Counselor
    • Emily Thomas, Counselor
    • Elsa Leal, Counselor
    • Michele Cirella, Intervention Specialist / Mental Health Support Specialist
    • Emily Moen, Mental Health Support Specialist
    • Lisa Phelps, Nurse
    • Dr. James Sellers, Principal
    • Allison Wood, Psychologist

    Mental Health Support Specialists

    Each secondary school has a dedicated Student Mental Health Support Specialist. They are here to assist you by providing group and individual support services. They are here to listen, help you navigate support systems, and help you move toward the change you are seeking.

    Student Mental Health Support Professionals can help students and/or caregivers understand helpful community resources and learn new ways to cope with student mental health struggles. When it is appropriate, they can work with a student and their family so that they can better communicate and can hear each other’s wants and needs.

    Emily Moen
    Cavelero Mid High School
    Emily Moen
    (425) 335-1630 ext. 3711
    Email Emily
    Michele Cirella
    Cavelero Mid High School
    Michele Cirella, MSW, LSWAIC
    (425) 335-1630 ext. 3711
    Email Michele
    Jennifer Hudson
    Lake Stevens High School
    Jennifer Hudson
    (425) 335-1571 ext. 3735
    Email Jennifer
    Hannah Herkert
    Lake Stevens Middle School
    Hannah Herkert
    (425) 335-1544 ext. 1680
    Email Hannah
    Ashli Atwood
    North Lake Middle School
    Ashli Atwood
    (425) 335-1530 ext. 1679
    Email Ashli

    More information about support services at Lake Stevens Middle School and North Lake Middle School:

    Intervention Specialist Services

    Steve Pitkin is part of the SAP team. He serves both Cavelero and Lake Stevens High School. Mr. Pitkin provides confidential services for students and families, including individual and group sessions, screening and community referrals. Specializing in substance-abuse related topics, he also works with other connected issues.

    Students who have received a discipline sanction in the areas of nicotine, alcohol, or other drugs will have an opportunity to receive support services from Mr. Pitkin. He also provides a Family Info Night once per month, which is open to any parent. Mr. Pitkin has been the LSHS Healthy Youth Survey coordinator since 2006.

    Staff photo
    Cavelero & LSHS
    Steve Pitkin
    (425) 335-2244
    Email Steve