• How Can Technology Enhance Learning?

    We believe technology provides many opportunities to help our students learn.

    Science Classroom

    • Integrating technology improves student enthusiasm toward learning, making students actively engaged in their classes and taking ownership in their learning.
    • Brain research has proven that students are now learning differently and need new instructional methods to meet their needs. 
    • Our students will be taught how to be effective 21st Century Learners. This means they will be digitally literate and use the four C’s (Creativity, Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking) to be global citizens.
    • Technology will allow students to be active learners.
    • Student writing and production will increase dramatically. Students will be able to peer edit easily and more constructively, as well as globally. The focus on writing will become less of an "exercise" and become more of a crucial method for sharing information or telling stories. The technology allows students to share their writing with vast and different audiences if they choose.