• Attendance Policy


    Lake Stevens School District considers regular attendance to be a necessary part of student learning. It is the district's desire to instill a sense of responsibility in each student that will carry over into the world of work. Students, in concert with their parents/guardians, are responsible for establishing and maintaining prompt and regular attendance as prescribed in the compulsory Attendance Law of the State of Washington (RCW28A.225.020). In accordance with this, the following procedures are adopted to ensure regular attendance:


    Either a written note, email, a phone call or excuse via Family Access from the parent/guardian is required within three (3) school days of the student’s absence, or the absence will be considered truant or personal business. After normal business hours a message may be left.

    Definition of Terms

    Absence: Excused
    Any absence excused by the parent/guardian in writing, by phone, or Family Access. The written note from the parent/guardian must include the date(s) of the absence and the parent/guardian signature. This must be done within three days of the student returning to school.

    Absence: Unexcused
    Any absence not verified by a note or a phone call. Absence: Information
    Ex: school related absences, field trips, athletic trips, suspensions.

    Any student arriving to class without an excused legitimate note after the bell and prior to 10 minutes into the class is considered tardy.  More than ten minutes is considered an absence.

    Any absence from school without parental knowledge and/or school approval that is left unexcused more than three days after the student returns to school (3 periods or more).

    Any absence from class without parental/teacher knowledge and/or school approval. Skipping a class will result in a detention assignment.

    Prior Permission
    All pre-arranged absences of three or more days must include a Prior Permission Form which is available in the attendance office. The student is responsible for completing the form and returning it to the attendance office at least three days before the absence. Prior Permission absences will still count toward the student's 10 total absences per semester. If a Prior Permission Form is not filled out, signed by a parent/guardian and teachers, and turned in prior to leaving for a prearranged absence that is three or more days, the first three days will be excused but any additional days after the first three will be unexcused - personal business.

    Attendance Forgery
    Automatically becomes unexcused absence – refer to misconduct and exceptional-misconduct section.


    A. If a student has reason to leave school during the school day, he/she must have parental permission. A parent/guardian must show ID and sign the student out in the main office. This permission can be obtained with a note from the parent brought to the attendance office prior to the time of dismissal. If a student does not have a note, he/she must come to the attendance office and call a parent/guardian for permission to leave the campus. Upon returning to school, the student must bring a parent/guardian signed note.

    B. Students leaving school without first checking out with the attendance office may be considered truant. Leaving school for appointments or illness during the school day requires that students sign out at the attendance office before leaving or the absence will be declared unexcused.


    • TARDIES 1-2 =Teacher conversation with Student.
    • TARDIES 3 = Phone Call or email home to notify guardian(s) of continuing problem with tardies
    • TARDIES 4-6 = Student is assigned Lunch Detention in Student Support
    • TARDIES 7+ = Community Service


    Detention, whether it be with a staff member or an administrator, will be served either before school, after school, or at lunch. The detention must be served within FIVE (5) days. If the detention time is not served, it will result in further disciplinary action and/or loss of student privileges.


    Excessive Truancy (7 plus days) may result in a Snohomish County Juvenile Office Referral under Becca Truancy Law.    
    In addition to the above stated procedures, Cavelero Mid High also abides within the requirement of the Compulsory School Attendance Law (BECCA). Washington State Law requires the school to file a petition with the Snohomish County Juvenile Court no later than the 7th day of truancy/unexcused absences in a school month or 15 days of truancy/unexcused absences in a school year. A day is defined as three (3) or more class periods. Reference: RCW 28A.225.035.


    A student shall be allowed one day for each day of an excused absence to make up class work, assignments, or exams missed during his/her absence. Course procedures will contain criteria relative to when make-up work must be submitted. When attendance is part of the grading criteria, it shall be noted in the teacher course syllabus. WAC 180-40-235-2 allows for a student’s grade to be affected by his or her attendance and/or participation in the class. In order to lower a student’s grade for absences or tardiness, the student’s attendance and/or participation must be related to instructional objectives or goals of the particular subject or course.