• Medication and Medical Plans

    Annual Treatment Plans
    Parents of children with a life-threatening health condition (i.e., asthma, diabetes, severe allergies, kidney disease, heart disease, seizures, etc.) that may require medical services be performed at school must provide a written medication or treatment order addressing that condition.  Under a new law, children without the appropriate order will be excluded from attending school until the necessary documentation is received and reviewed by the school nurse. Please contact the school nurse to set up a plan.

    Medication at School
    The school does not have authority to administer medication prescribed by a doctor without proper authorization from the parent or guardian and the doctor. This authorization form may be obtained on the district web site under “Health Services/Forms” or in the school office or health room.  Students are not allowed to transport the medication that will be administered by school staff; a parent or guardian is responsible for this. A complete list of the medication policy may be obtained from the nurse or office staff prior to medication use. Talk to the nurse for information about storing all meds, including over-the-counter, at school.