• Welcome to Business Services

    The Business Services Department encompasses all aspects of school and district financial management. These services include enrollment projections and reporting, budgeting, accounting, financial statement reporting, auditing, payroll, benefits, retirement, accounts payable, accounts receivable, purchasing, inventory, asset management, and risk management. Our primary goal is to maximize the resources available to support student achievement.

    Additional Responsibilities
    The Business Services Department also manages the health services, food and nutrition services, safety and security, technology and student information departments as well as maintains district data security.

    Operating Funds
    The following information provides a general overview of the District's five operating funds:

    1. General Fund
      Revenue and expenditure budget for all annual operational expenses including certificated and classified employee salaries and benefits. This fund also pays for all district and building supplies, materials, utilities, instructional materials, insurance, fuel, travel and equipment purchases.
    2. Capital Projects Fund
      Revenue and expenditure budget for the construction of new schools, remodeling of existing schools, bond or levy funded technology upgrades, land purchases and small health and safety projects.
    3. Debt Service Fund
      Revenue and expenditure budget for the collection of property taxes to repay bond and interest expenses.
    4. ASB (Associated Student Body) Fund
      Revenue and expenditure budget supporting student directed governmental, co-curricular, athletic, recreational and club activities.
    5. Transportation Vehicle Fund
      Revenue and expenditure budget for the purchase of new school buses.

    Contact Information

    Teresa Main Teresa Main
    Assistant Superintendent of Business & Operations
    Work: (425) 335-1503 | Cell: (425) 754-5402
    Email Teresa Main


    Terri SmithTerri Smith
    Administrative Assistant/Purchasing Specialist
    (425) 335-1500 ext. 1644
    Email Terri Smith

    Accounting Services

    Allina HolmquistAllina Holmquist
    Accounting Supervisor
    (425) 335-1500 ext. 1583
    Email Allina Holmquist
    Anna HarrellAnna Harrell
    Fiscal Coordinator
    (425) 335-1500 ext. 1652
    Email Anna Harrell

    Accounts Payable

    Kim LilleskareKim Lilleskare
    A/P Specialist, ASB, Capital Projects, General Fund
    (425) 335-1500 ext. 1603
    Email Kim Lilleskare
    Mary Beth ReichowMary Beth Reichow
    A/P Specialist, General Fund
    (425) 335-1500 ext. 1512
    Email Mary Beth Reichow

    Payroll & Benefits

    Kim OstlundKim Ostlund
    Payroll Specialist
    (425) 335-1500 ext. 1609
    Email Kim Ostlund
    Michelle WilliamsMichelle Williams
    Benefits Specialist
    (425) 335-1500 ext. 1511
    Email Michelle Williams
    Connie TangenConnie Tangen
    Payroll Technician
    (425) 335-1500 ext. 1684
    Email Connie Tangen

    Student Information Management

    Chris MartinChris Martin
    Data Integration Analyst
    (425) 335-1500 ext. 1654
    Email Chris Martin
    Kristi MorrowKristi Morrow
    Software Data Analyst 
    (425) 335-1500 ext. 1669
    Email Kristi Morrow

    Food & Nutrition Services

    Mollie LangumMollie Langum
    Food & Nutrition Services Supervisor
    (425) 335-1500 ext. 1561
    Email Mollie Langum
    Heidi RodriguezHeidi Rodriguez
    Food & Nutrition Services Assistant Supervisor
    (425) 335-1500 ext. 1561
    Email Heidi Rodriguez

    Safety and Security

    Randy CeloriRandy Celori
    School Safety, Security & Health Officer
    (425) 335-1500 ext. 2077
    Email Randy Celori