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    Posted by Monika Tabor on 6/7/2019

    FYI: Graduation 2019- June 11

    June 11

    Seniors--- please join us on the Bus!



    Please have eaten a good dinner before you arrive at LSHS.  We do not have snacks/dinner at the event.  


    Meet at LSHS Choir room--- robe up.

    Load bus/trailer:   Amps, guitars, risers, drums, keyboards, water bin, etc.



    Bus Depart to Angel of the Winds Arena


    WEAR:  Graduation Gown or Choir Robe with black pants/shoes or black flats.

    Hair should be off the forehead, but half down is fine.

    Make-up and accessories should be conservative.  Make-up is not required.


    We will do Load/in sound Check at 5pm.

    Seniors should be at sound check--- we won’t get a full rehearsal.   So riding the bus is the easiest!


    Graduation starts at 7:30


    We think the choir bus will return to LSHS at 10pm.  Students will text you when they are on the way.

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