All District Band Festival at CAV


    Dear Parents,

    The All District Band Festival at Cavelero Mid-High School has grown into a much-anticipated, yet large, event.  Due to the large number of people involved there is a need for crowd control. The directors and students need some time before the concert to rehearse for the final group performance without the distraction of an audience.  To allow them this rehearsal time together we have implemented a few guidelines, which are as follows:


    STUDENT DROP OFF- to relieve congestion here are your three drop off options:

    1. Front of the school (CAV)-This is a student drop off area only.  There will be no parking in the circle.
    2. Band Room –Only students may enter through the band room.
    3. Gym- Students may enter through the gym door where a parent volunteer will greet them.


    AUDIENCE ENTRANCE - enter to the CAV Commons, either from the North parking lot entrance or from the South bus loop parking area. Doors will open at 5:45.


    Do Not enter through the main entrance by the office unless you are handicapped, have mobility issues or are arriving after 6:45.


    The gym will be closed to the audience until 6:40. At that time you will be directed to leave the commons to enter the gym.


    PICKUP- if you don’t plan on attending the concert you may pick your student up at the front of the school at 8:00 pm.



    In the commons we will be selling water and a cookie for $1. Our booster tables will be set up so you can find out how you can support our amazing band programs.


    Children MUST be with a parent at all times.


    We will be seating those with mobility issues first to allow them the extra time necessary to ensure their safety, and make sure they are seated on the lower level.   Please let us know upon arrival if you will need this option.


    Seating will be available at the upper level however the upper level gym will be closed out of respect for the performers and concert attendees.  


    Out of respect for others and our timeline, please find a seat quickly noting that there are no bad seats in the gym.  Attendees with Cavelero and High School may want to consider sitting higher in the bleachers. Please fill the center seats first. Attendees with small children should consider sitting on the outer edges near an exit.  If you arrive after the start of the concert please enter and find your seat in between performances.


    There will be parent volunteers available to answer questions and direct everyone to the correct location.  If you have any questions or concerns about these guidelines please contact your student’s director.

    Student Drop-off times are as follows unless otherwise instructed by your students director:


    Northlake and LSMS- 5:45

    Cavelero 6:00

    LS High School 6:00


    • This is graded performance.
    • Concert dress is black shoes, black socks, black dress pants or slacks, band shirt
    • Bring your own music stand if you have one!
    • Percussionists bring your own bells and/or snare drum and stand.

    Thank you for supporting our band program at Lake Stevens!  See you Tuesday!