• 2020-2021 P-EBT Benefits Available Again

    P-EBT Informational Fact Sheet
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    If you need this information in another language, call the P-EBT Help Center at 1-833-518-0282 and press #5 to speak to a representative. 

    Visit dshs.wa.gov/PEBT to learn more!

    Click Here:  Pandemic EBT What you Need To know

    June 23, 2021 PEBT Update:

    We have been told to have families contact the P-EBT Help Center, after June 23rd  for any ongoing questions or demographic changes. Customers can change their address over the phone and request subsequent cards to be re-issued.  P-EBT Contact Center at 833-518-0282. 

    April 27, 2021 PEBT Update:

    P-EBT Cards Information  - Card Mailing and Benefits

    • Some families are still waiting to receive their P-EBT notificaiton and letters P-EBT cards in the mail and we appreciate your continued patience while DSHS works to mail letters and cards to 500,000 eligible children in Washington state.
    • The first round of P-EBT benefits loaded on to a students card, represents September thourgh January
    • The second round of P-EBT benefits loaded on to a students card, respresents February and March
      • The second round of P-EBT benefits will be loaded to eligible on children’s cards on April 20, 2021 
      • If you did not receive a card for the first round, you should expect to receive a card in May with the benefits on it.
    • Keep your student(s) cards, more benefits will be loaded on to it this spring/summer.

    What haven't I received the P-EBT card yet?  There has been huge delays in mailing out the P-EBT Cards.  The P-EBT card vendor will mail the last batch of P-EBT cards on April 27, 2021, and cards take seven to 10 days to arrive in the mail.

    Should I be concerned if I received 1 or 2 notificaiton letters, but not a P-EBT card?  No. Please be patient, your card is coming. It is a good sign you recieved the letter(s), the distribution center mailing the cards has had many delays. 

    How much should I expect on the student(s) PEBT card? Benefit amounts are dependent on the majority learning model of each child’s school. Every 2 months aditional funds will be loaded on your card. 

    Our tentative P-EBT eligibility notices and benefit schedule is as follows:

    Benefit Issuance

    P-EBT Months

    March 2021

    September 2020 to January 2021

    April 2021

    February and March 2021

    June 2021

    April and May 2021

    August 2021

    June 2021


    Stay Up To Date

    To stay up to date about P-EBT, we recommend to follow the Washington State DSHS Facebook page for additional updates and answers to questions.

    For additional information, please refer to the FAQ on dshs.wa.gov/PEBT  or call the P-EBT Contact Center at 833-518-0282. 


    What are Pandemic EBT or P-EBT benefits?

    Due to COVID-19, children who are eligible for free or reduced-price school meals will get extra food benefits. These food benefits are called P-EBT. P-EBT benefits help Washington families buy food when schools are closed or have reduced in-person attendance.

    Who is eligible?

    Children are eligible for P-EBT benefits if:

    • Their school is closed or has reduced in-person attendance hours.
    • They are eligible for free or reduced-price school meals.

    How do families apply?

    Great news: Families don’t have to apply for the P-EBT Program! If your child is eligible for free or reduced-price school meals, they may automatically qualify. Families should ensure their current mailing address is on file with the child’s school and are encouraged to fill out a school meal application if their child doesn’t get free or reduced-price meals already.

    How do I find out if my child is eligible for P-EBT benefits?

    Eligible children will receive a notice and a P-EBT card with their name on it. We anticipate the notice to be sent to eligible children beginning late March. The P-EBT card will be mailed shortly after. Families should keep their cards as more benefits may be added later if their school continues to be closed or have reduced hours. 

    What if I apply and my student is approved for Free or Reduced Meals later in the school year?

    Students will receive P-EBT benefits based on their child's school benefit each month even if a student is approved later in the school year.  If eligible through their school, the benefits will be allocated for each month of the school year (September to June). 

    How much will families get?

    Benefit amounts vary depending on the learning model of their child’s school for each given month. The monthly benefit amount will range from $25 to $123.

    What does the P-EBT card look like?

    Watch the mail for a card that looks like this. The P-EBT card is separate from and doesn’t replace a food or cash (Quest) EBT card.

    When will P-EBT cards arrive?

    Eligible children should expect to receive a notice a week or 2 before a card is mailed or your current card is uploaded with new funds. The P-EBT card will be mailed separately from letters.

    What happens to the P-EBT card if my address changed, we moved or it is undeliverable?

    The return address for P-EBT cards will be the address for the EBT vendor, FIS: P.O. Box 290,  Milwaukee, WI 53201-0290.  If your address has changed from what we have on file, please call your child's school and have the main office update the system with the correct address. You can always call the Nutrition Office at 425-335.1561 and we can try the address the card was mailed to and assist you with any questions. 

    How are P-EBT benefits used?

    P-EBT benefits can be used like a debit card to buy food in most grocery stores and farmers markets, or to buy food online at Amazon or Walmart.

    Will families get a new P-EBT card each month?

    No. Families should keep each child’s P-EBT card. The first issuance will include benefits for the beginning of the 2020-21 school year through January 2021. Additional benefits may be issued to the card every two months through the end of the school year for as long as the COVID-19 public health emergency continues.

    What if I don't receive a card? 

    The first round of notification and benefit cards will be mailed out the end of April 2021.  If you do not receive a card by May 15th, you can call the our Nutrition Office and we can try and assist you.  

    What if I lose my card and need a replacement?

    You can contact the P-EBT Help Center to request a new card. P-EBT Help Center at 1-833-518-0282.

    Will I need to activate the card?

    Yes, each card is activated by the parent/guardian.  Please follow the instructions inclosed with your card to activate before using and to create a pin# code. 

    My child still gets lunches at school, can I still qualify for P-EBT?

    Yes. P-EBT benefits are additional food benefits. Children may continue to receive grab-and-go meals at school or community sites or emergency food at COVID-19 emergency feeding sites offered at community locations, even if they are receiving P-EBT benefits. 

    My child is homeschooled; do they qualify for P-EBT?

    No. P-EBT is available only to children enrolled in and receiving education services in a school, and would normally receive free or reduced-price school meals through the NSLP or SBP if the school wasn’t closed or had reduced attendance.  

    I already receive food assitance; do I automatically qualifty for P-EBT?

    Most children active on food assistance are automatically certified for free school meals, but they don’t automatically qualify for P-EBT benefits. P-EBT eligibility will depend on the school the child attends and their learning model. See question 22 for more information.

    How is this different from last year?

    The school year 2019-20 P-EBT program originally provided food benefits to eligible school aged children for the months of March, April, May and June 2020. Households applied for these benefits and if determined eligible, they received a standard benefit amount issued by lump sum on a (Quest) EBT card.

    Washington State has received federal approval to issue P-EBT benefits for children in school for school year 2020-21 from September 2020 to June 2021. We automated the eligibility process to get more households the assistance they need during the COVID-19 public health emergency. This means households do not have to apply for the 2020-21 P-EBT program.

    My child is in child care, do we get P-EBT benefits?

    To give P-EBT benefits to children in child care from October 2020 to September 2021, states must develop and submit a separate P-EBT plan for federal approval. The Department of Social and Health Services is currently developing the plan to provide benefits to children in child care.

    Are there any other food benefits available right now?

    • The OSPI Organizations Providing Meals Map can help families find locations serving meals to children. Participating in these meal services does not prevent eligible children from getting P-EBT benefits.
    • Contact your local school district to learn about free meal site locations in your area. These meal programs are available to all children 18 and under, regardless of what school they attend.
    • You can go to washingtonconnection.org to see if you qualify to get Basic Food benefits.    
    • If you have any younger children, you may also qualify for the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program, which provides food assistance to children up to the age of 5 and pregnant and breastfeeding mothers: https://www.doh.wa.gov/YouandYourFamily/WIC.

    Who do I call if I have questions about P-EBT benefits?

    All P-EBT eligibility questions may be directed to the P-EBT Contact Center at 833-518-0282.  

    Families can periodically check www.dshs.wa.gov/pebt for updated information and visit this page often for any updates.

    Families are encouraged to participate in Grab-n-Go Curbside Meal Kit School Meals even if they have P-EBT benefits.


    Visit dshs.wa.gov/PEBT to learn more! 

    If you need this information in another language, call the P-EBT Help Center at 1-833-518-0282 and Press #5 to speak to a representative.  

    Lake Stevens Food Services:  Please call our Nutrition Office at 425-335-1561 or Email: foodservices@lkstevens.wednet.edu 


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