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    Source: Snohomish Health District - SCHOOL Food for Thought Newsletter 2019, August Issue

    Temporary Permits for PTA Events

    We often get questions about the need for a temporary permit for a PTA or other sponsored event involving the school.

    Temporary permits are required for any specialized school event, publicly advertised, that involves food preparation or service to the public by individuals that are not school kitchen personnel. The public would be considered anyone who is outside of the school population. The school population is the students, staff and the families of students and staff. If the public is invited and they are charged a fee for food, a temporary event permit is required. If the public is invited and the food is given away without a charge, a temporary permit is still required.

    Temporary permits must be purchased 14 days before the event from the Snohomish Health District.

    The special event could be under the school kitchen annual permit if a kitchen staff member is on-site to monitor the event as the designated Person in Charge.
    The exception to that is if a barbecue is planned for the school, outside of the main kitchen area, a temporary permit will always be required. 

    If you have any questions, call the Snohomish Health District at 425.339.5250 or go to our Temporary Food Booth page on our website.

    Source Snohomish Health district - http://www.snohd.org/170/Catering


    Whether you are planning a wedding, family reunion, or holiday party, make sure your family and guests are safe during your next big event by hiring a licensed caterer. Food that is not properly prepared, transported, and served can lead to food poisoning (technically called foodborne illness) - an unhappy ending to any special event.


    Licensed caterers must:

    • Have a catering permit that is separate from their restaurant permit
    • Prepare food in a kitchen that is approved and regularly inspected by the Snohomish Health District
    • Be trained to handle food safely
    • Have the proper equipment to prepare and transport food safely


    For questions on whether a caterer is permitted, please contact the Food Safety Program at 425-339-5250.


    Source: Snohomish Health District - http://www.snohd.org/220/Food-Permits


    Tutorial Video: https://youtu.be/UrqLz8n2sd8

    PERMIT REQUIREMENTS: http://www.snohd.org/DocumentCenter/View/1120/Temporary-Food-Establishment-Permit-Application-Packet-PDF

    EXEMPTION TO PERMIT: http://www.snohd.org/DocumentCenter/View/268/Exemption-from-Permit-PDF

    The Snohomish Health District wants to help you get your business up and running with all of the proper permits to ensure your food establishment meets state regulations for food safety. Additional information on permitting for food establishments is contained on the Temporary Food Booths page and on the Starting a Food Business page.


    In order to operate a food service establishment, you must apply for an annual permit. Permits are valid from January 1 through December 31. New permits issued on or after the following dates will be discounted as follows:

    1. April 1: 75% of the annual permit fee
    2. July 1: 50% of the annual permit fee
    3. October 1: 25% of the annual permit fee


    A permit is required for the following establishments: 

    • Bakery
    • Food caterer
    • Food concession stands
    • Grocery
    • Limited groceries
    • Private clubs
    • Restaurants
    • Retail meat/fish dealers
    • Taverns
    • Temporary food booths
    • Vending machines (with potentially hazardous food)

    The food service establishment permit is also used for changes in ownership.


    Snohomish Health District Guidelines for Food at Classroom Parties. (Posted: 11/2015)