• COVID-19 Safety Plan & Guidance

    Safety Plan

    Note: Guidance for K-12 schools is constantly changing. We update our District COVID Safety Plan as quickly as possible, but new guidance may be enacted by the Washington State Department of Health and/or the Snohomish Health District before our district plan is updated.


    Updated quarantine guidelines for Lake Stevens School District

    Beginning Monday, Sept. 27, school districts began managing their own contact tracing and notification of close contacts with guidance from the Snohomish Health District, as needed. This is a task our nurses and school administrators have largely been doing already.

    Change in quarantine guidelines for close contacts
    The 14-day mandatory quarantine for close contacts has been lifted by the Snohomish Health District in order to give students and employees the opportunity to return to in-person learning/employment more quickly, while continuing to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

    Beginning Tuesday, Sept. 28 in Lake Stevens School District:

    Close contacts should now follow this guidance:
    Quarantine for 10 days after the last close contact, without additional testing required. However, if any COVID-19 symptoms develop during the 10 days, remain in quarantine the full 14-days and get tested. Continue monitoring for symptoms until day 14.

    • Families who wish to keep their child in quarantine for the previously- recommended 14-days will have the support of the school district. Absences will continue to be excused and at-home learning options will be provided by teachers.
    • Students and employees who are currently quarantined must complete their full 14-days. The new guidance is not retroactive.
    • Fully-vaccinated employees and students who are close contacts do not need to quarantine unless they are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. This remains unchanged.

    COVID-19 Testing

    The Snohomish Health District has two drive-thru testing locations. Appointments are required. Other local healthcare providers and pharmacies also offer testing.

    Lake Stevens School District is exploring the new “Test to Stay Model” that is being implemented by the Washington State Department of Health to see if it is feasible in our district. Test to Stay allows close contacts to return to school/work following a negative COVID-19 test instead of completing the full quarantine period.

    We hope to be able to implement this program, but have to consider the already increased workload and responsibilities of our nurses and school employees due to the pandemic. If we implement this program, it must be done with fidelity.

    Next steps
    Our district COVID-19 Safety Plan has been updated to reflect this new guidance. We are also maintaining a COVID-19 Tracker that shows confirmed positive COVID-19 cases in students and employees in our schools. In an effort to protect the privacy of our students and employees, we are not separating employee and student cases in the Tracker. We have not included close contact data, because it’s not a reliable indicator of positive cases in our district. The Tracker is updated every Wednesday for the week prior.

    We appreciate the efforts of our employees and families to follow our COVID-19 safety protocols to ensure that our students can continue in-person learning. Our students are amazingly resilient and have done a wonderful job adapting to their changing environments. We are also incredibly proud of our employees who are diligently working to maintain a healthy learning environment.

    Thank you for being part of our Lake Stevens School District Community.