AP Exam & College in High School

    2021-22 AP Testing and CHS Information

     Although we will do our best to keep this information updated, changes may occur to the schedule (date/time) and location of AP tests.  CiHS information is below.

    Our goal is for all Lake Stevens graduates to receive an education that prepares them to continue their education at the college level. Nationally, only about 50% of the students who begin college graduate within ten years. Preparing students to begin college is not good enough. They must have the skills, knowledge, attitudes and work ethic to complete college. In higher education, students must make connections among disciplines, integrate the knowledge and skills from all the disciplines, and apply them effectively to new and unfamiliar challenges. One way we work toward this goal is through the Advanced Placement (AP) and College in the High School (CHS) programs at Lake Stevens High School.

    LSHS AP Exam Information 2022 (updated September 29, 2021)

     LSHS AP Exam

    Calendar View of AP Exams offered at LSHS:

    Calendar View

     Any questions/concerns?  Contact Emily Chilson at emily_chilson@lkstevens.wednet.edu or 360-913-2005 or for specific payment questions: Lorri Davidson, lorri_davidson@lkstevens.wednet.edu, 425-335-1515


    Please read this important information about the Advanced Placement Exam ordering, 2021-2022 school year

     The College Board recently announced significant changes to the AP exam ordering process, deadlines, late fees and cancellation fees that will be mandated for all schools and all students (effective as of 2019-2020 school year).  Please keep in mind that these changes are being mandated by the College Board and were not decided by the Lake Stevens School District or Lake Stevens High School. It is very important that all families are aware of these changes as students consider registering for AP exams. For more information go to this link.

    Student Action Needed:  Create a College Board Account  -   Students will need a College Board account to join their AP class section and to register for AP exams.

    Do you already have a College Board account?  -  Many students may already have a College Board account. All College Board programs are connected through one account.  If an account was created for Advanced Placement exams, PSAT/NMSQT or SAT exams, you will use this account information.  If an account needs to be created do this here students may do this at this page.  Parents should not create an account for the student.

    Fall 2021 – AP Registration

    All AP classes have been added to student accounts, accessible on the Lake Stevens School District Online Payment site.  Please double check with your student about the classes they are enrolled in. 

    • Registration Deadline Change: the College Board made a significant change in the deadline for registration (in 2019); the deadline for paying is now November 3. There are two steps required for students/parents to register for AP tests:

    1) Students will first need to use the Class Code (provided by their teacher) to join their class through their College Board account on myap.collegeboard.org.  

    2) Payment(s)* can  be made online through the Lake Stevens School District Online Payment Site for the AP Exams your student plans to take.  All AP courses are listed once you log on to this site.  If you have any questions, please contact Emily Chilson (360-913-2005 or at emily_chilson@lkstevens.wednet.edu).

    Payment for each AP exam is $96.00* (please note - there is a $1.50 fee to pay online).

    *Students who qualify can waive all AP testing fees; please check with Mrs. Chilson to see if you qualify by emailing emily_chilson@lkstevens.wednet.edu or calling 360-913-2005 prior to submitting payment.  

    Helpful Tips for the LSSD Online Payment Site:

    - Only paying for one student?  If so, we recommend using the instructions labeled "For Students" (this only requires student ID# for username and last name in all caps for the password)

    - Reminder: please make sure you select the student's correct class/exam and teacher  

    • Please note – with one exception, we are planning for our tests to be administered at the Lake Stevens Educational Services District, depending on the number of tests purchased per subject and following all current guidelines recommended by April 2021**.  Information about the location will be updated closer to the Spring.

     **Changes in test format or location will be communicated by email. 

     Cancellation and Late Fees mandated by College Board: 

    • Students who register for an exam after November 3, 2021 will pay a $40 per exam late fee.

     Accommodations on AP Tests

    If you believe you might qualify for accommodations for the exam, please contact Mrs. Chilson in advance (the deadline is mid-January) - students who have a documented disability that impacts their AP testing and needs an accommodation (and regularly receives that accommodation on other tests at LSHS) can request accommodations through the College Board.  This can be done through the school or by parent/student; more information here.

    Please continue to look for additional information on this page as we progress into the school year.


    College in the High School (CHS) information

    Lake Stevens High School has partnered with Everett Community College and University of Washington to offer College in the High School (CHS) credits.  Please check the LSHS Advanced Course Offerings for more information about courses here.

    EVCC logo                                       UW                          EDCC

    Everett Community College

    Everett is in the process of changing to a new and improved system called, “ctcLink” for all 2021-2022 classes; registration process opens in early 2022 (date TBD).

    Step 1: Apply for Admission at EvCC: January 2022

    Step 2: Complete the College in the High School program application: Deadline TBD

    Step 3: Register & pay for classes: Date TBD

     The student self-service portal, called ctcLink, will allow students to: 

    • Register for classes
    • View and update student information and manage personal contact information
    • Pay tuition and fees
    • View grades and track academic goals
    • Contact your EvCC and advisor


    University of Washington

    After a student’s course begins, the teacher will distribute a registration form and a registration fact sheet to students who are eligible to register for UW credit.  Students can register online, by phone, or by mail - please visit the UW site for more information.

    For the 2021–2022 school year, the registration deadline for first-semester and year long courses is October 26, 2020. The deadline for second-semester courses is March 1, 2021. There are no deadline extensions, and late registrations are not accepted.

    Through UWHS, students can earn UW credit at less than a quarter of on-campus rates. For the 2021–22 school year, fees to register for UW credit for five- and four- credit courses are:

    Course fee for a 5-credit course: $330 ($66/credit)

    Registration fee: $45

    Total fees for one 5-credit course: $375

    You pay the registration fee just once per registration period, whether you register for a single course or several.

    Payment is due in full at the time of registration. There are no payment plans or deadline extensions. Financial aid and scholarships are not available. 


    Edmonds Community College

     Music Appreciation

    The 2021-22 tuition for a 5 credit Edmonds College CHS class is $215. There is no other cost for you and some partial tuition scholarships are available. Admission and the Edmonds College placement exam, if needed, are free. Note: should you need to retake the Edmonds College placement exam, there is a $25 retake fee.

    Assistance is available by contacting the CHS Director at plemay@edmonds.edu.

    Registration info with deadlines is unavailable (as of 10/6/21) - check back here: https://www.edmonds.edu/highschool/chs/faq.html#q17