Mobile Directions

Daily, login to Family Access using your mobile device at least 30 minutes prior to your student arriving on campus or getting on the bus.

Passcode screen

The Wellness Screening is visible as soon as you log into Skyward Mobile Family Access.* Click Today’s Screening under Wellness Screenings for your student.

*If you have students in grades 6-12, you may need to scroll down slightly to see the Wellness Screening area.

Wellness screening

Answer both questions for your student. Answers will default to NO - change answers to YES if needed.

Note: Questions may differ on app compared to the training material.

Click Submit.

Passcode screen

Based on your answers to the screening questions, you will receive a response that your student is well enough for school or they should stay home for the day.

Note: Take screenshots of green check mark or keep app open to show at time of entry.

Passcode screen

If you have more than one student, click the magnifying glass next to your student’s name and select another student to complete their Wellness Screening. (Repeat steps 3 - 5 above for each student).

Note: If you need to change your answers to the Wellness Screening questions after submitting, please contact your student’s school main office.

Desktop Directions

Daily, sign into Skyward via Family Access or Student Access at least 30 minutes before your student will arrive at school.

Skyward desktop login

As soon as you open Family Access, you should see Wellness Screening questions to answer. Check Yes/No for both questions and click SAVE. Both answers automatically default to No – change answers to Yes, if applicable.

  • To access all of your children, make sure the pull down says, All Students
  • If you have multiple students, you can answer for each of them on this screen
Family Access landing page

Once you have completed and saved it, you will receive a confirmation screen. You do not need to do anything further with this information. The school secretaries and teachers for their class can confirm completion. Only school nurses will see the results.

Here is an example of a No response to both questions.

Example of no response

Here is an example of a Yes response to one or both questions. If you answer Yes to either question, your student should stay home. Please call the school attendance office or nurse.

Example of yes response

The desktop directions are also available to watch on YouTube.