• Executive Reports

    President Kamden Ith

    • Serves as liaison to the community and presides over all ASB meetings.
    • Manages music and TV Screens in Valhalla.
    • Focused on accomplishing small plans like sticky notes in bathrooms.
    • Working with the content committee/RAKE to provide a better community at LSHS.

    Vice-President Lance Kevin Dimabayao

    • Oversees Clubs
    • Working with Connections Committee to post weekly motivational quotes on the @lshs.vikings Instagram page.
    • Working with Connections Committee to set-up Inclusion plan at lunch.
    • Manages the ASB and Club pages of the LSHS Website.

    Secretary/Treasurer Reagan Delgado

    • Oversees ASB Financial Matters and keeps minutes of all ASB meetings.
    • Facilitating the delivery of individualized notes and candy bags to all first period classes.
    • Working with the Student Awareness committee to recognize LSHS students.
    • Organizing ASB elections for the 2022-2023 school year.

    Public Relations Officer Camden Anderson

    • Oversees, manages, and maintains all school-media outlets such as Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LSHS SuperFan App, and the ASB Email.
    • Working with spirit and social media to promote school spirit through posting on social media and putting on events.
    • Creates and communicates with clubs and sports for morning announcements.
    • Organized and facilitated the Homecoming Halftime show and all of the Homecoming Royalty.
    • Serves as a liaison to the community and oversees/creates all things sent out through the school.
    • Gets approval of all posts and themes through the communication with admin.