• Community Equity Stakeholders Team

    Implementing the Lake Stevens School District Equity Policy

    Lake Stevens School District is committed to honoring the identities of all of our students, and creating an inclusive environment in which they are empowered to learn and grow. As part of that commitment, the Board of Directors unanimously adopted a districtwide Equity Policy in April.

    Under the leadership of Dr. Monica Meadows, the policy was created by the Community Stakeholders Equity Team. The team was made up of 20 staff members from across the district, including administrators, counselors, school psychologists, paraeducators and office professionals; and 10 community members, including parents, students and school board members. The team began meeting in October 2021, and dedicated countless hours to the development of the policy.

    "I've been honored, humbled, and grateful to work with this amazing and dedicated group, and I'm proud of the work we've been able to accomplish together this year," said Meadows. "I'm looking forward to expanding this team next year and collaborating around ways to bring the policy to life across our district."

    The new Equity Policy outlines the district's core principles:

    • We believe diversity reflected in each student, family, staff, and community member is a quality to be valued, respected, and celebrated.
    • We believe people excel when they feel they belong within a safe and positive climate that promotes trust, empathy, respect, and collaboration.
    • We believe that in creating strong relationships among students, staff, and family members, we effectively address academic and social-emotional development, improving outcomes for each student.
    • We believe students must have equitable access to rigorous, relevant, and culturally sustaining curriculum and instruction with appropriate support.
    • We believe we have a collective responsibility to provide data-informed, equitable distribution of resources to all students and learning environments across the district.
    • We believe that these values are realized with our collective support and effort across our Lake Stevens community

    Review the Equity Policy here