2022 SACo Leaders
  • Student Advisory Council

    Student voice is at the center of equity in our district. Board Policy 1900 was adopted in December 2021 thanks to the tireless work of President Kaitlyn Johnson (12th) and Co-Presidents Aimel Rai (11th) and Grace Davis (12th), along with Superintendent Dr. Collins and Council Advisor Dr. Meadows. After an extensive and competitive interview process, we are thrilled to welcome the following members to the Student Advisory Councili for the remainder of the 2022 academic year:

    11th Grade Representative: Josefina Jarillo Odegaard

    10th Grade Representatives: Hayden Lacelle and Charlotte Lamb

    9th Grade Representatives: Caitlyn McGranahan and Natalia Valenzuela

    8th Grade Representatives: Frank Chimenti and Duvaekk Smith