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    Jayme Taylor
    Jayme Taylor
    Executive Director of Communications & Community Services
    Work: (425) 335-1500 ext. 1501
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    Photo of Jonathan Sulzbach
    Jonathan Sulzbach
    Web & Graphic Design Coordinator
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    Photo of Kim Askevold
    Kim Askevold
    Communications Office Professional
    (425) 335-1500 ext. 1668
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    Photo of Lyndzie Connolly
    Lyndzie Connolly
    ESC Office Professional (Front Desk)
    (425) 335-1500
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    Our department strives to involve and inform the community about the students, staff and school district through these distinctive programs:

    Internal & External Communications
    Annual Communications via various publications and reports including quarterly issues of the Lake Schools community newsletter that is mailed to all box holders in Lake Stevens; district website content; on-going press releases; annual publication of the district calendar and handbook; and a variety of community-centered events planned throughout the year.

    Social Media—Twitter, Facebook & Instagram
    Posting guidelines: We do not allow obscene, graphic, explicit or racial comments or submissions. We do not allow comments that are abusive, hateful or intended to defame anyone or any organization. We do not allow any solicitations or advertisements or political campaigning. We do not allow attempts to defame or defraud any agency, nor do we allow comments that suggest or encourage illegal activity. External links on our social media sites do not constitute official endorsement on behalf of LSSD. You take personal responsibility for your comments, your username, and any other information provided. You participate at your own risk.

    We reserve the right to turn off commenting on posts, and/or remove comments that do not follow the above guidelines. We reserve the right to ban users who violate these guidelines.

    Our social media accounts are not monitored 24/7. If you’re a student in crisis, or have an emergency, please call 911. We update and monitor social media accounts intermittently throughout the day—from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. At times, our accounts may be used before and after these times to communicate about urgent issues or respond to inquiries from members of the public.

    We welcome your comments and questions, but please ensure you do not include personal information or photos of others without their consent.

    All comments related to district business will be considered public records subject to disclosure upon request. Social media should not be used to make a formal complaint against the district, its employees or its students. For official correspondence, please call 425-335-1500.

    Volunteer Programs
    We encourage parents, community members and businesses to join our schools in providing additional support and information for our students and staff. Our department facilitates Washington State Background checks on all volunteers and coordinates with each building to provide a district-wide spring volunteer celebration to thank and honor the over 1,200 individuals that support schools every day.

    Community Education
    Classes are offered year-round for adults and students in after school, evening and summer classes and camps when students are not using the facilities. This includes the Lake Stevens High School swimming pool, which offers a comprehensive year-round aquatics program. It is our goal to offer affordable classes of interest in your local classrooms, gyms and play fields to maximize the community's access to schools. It is our board's strong belief that our schools belong to our community and every effort should be made to make our schools open and available to the community.

    Facility Use
    Our department facilitates the rental of school facilities according to district policy and procedure. All use of schools and rentals are booked and facilitated through the Communications Department with school district citizens receiving first priority after the school day, and student sports and events.  

    Distribution of Literature
    The Communications Department oversees the distribution of literature throughout the district. Please contact us for additional information.