• Lake Stevens School District Boundaries

    Small boundary change for Sunnycrest Elementary School families

    Sunnycrest Elementary School has had a tremendous increase in enrollment over the past four school years. To help balance the increased enrollment, we are shifting some neighborhoods from the Sunnycrest Elementary School boundary to the Stevens Creek Elementary School boundary and to the Mt. Pilchuck Elementary School boundary. 

    These changes will take place with the beginning of the 2022-23 school year. An exception will be made for current fourth graders attending Sunnycrest. They would be able to remain at Sunnycrest for fifth grade. However, younger siblings would transition to their new school. Please note that transportation will not be provided, and families will be responsible for getting their fifth-grader to and from school.

    Please refer to this map to view the changes. The previous boundary for each school is indicated by the blue line. The colored shading shows the new boundaries.

    Boundary Maps by School

    March 2022
    We are in the process of updating our district boundary map, and individual maps for Sunnycrest, Stevens Creek and Mt. Pilchuck Elementary Schools.

    *In the process of being updated

    Middle School Boundaries

    Students in grades 6 and 7 attend one of two middle schools in our district, based on their elementary school attendance area.

    Lake Stevens Middle School

    • Glenwood Elementary School
    • Hillcrest Elementary School
    • Skyline Elementary School

    North Lake Middle School

    • Highland Elementary School
    • Mt. Pilchuck Elementary School
    • Stevens Creek Elementary School
    • Sunnycrest Elementary School