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Facilities Needs Advisory Committee Facilities Improvements Recommendations

On Jan. 24, 2024, the Facilities Needs Advisory Committee (FNAC) presented its final facilities recommendations to the Board of Directors. The FNAC—composed of a diverse group of dedicated parents, caregivers, employees, and community leaders—began meeting in October to assess and address the growing needs of the district’s facilities. These recommendations are pivotal for the Board and district leaders as they plan future bonds to accommodate the district’s growth and the aging of its facilities. In a parallel effort, technical experts continue to explore potential funding sources and solutions, and estimating the scope of work required to meet these needs.

FNAC Recommendations (PDF)

Building Futures: Celebrating successes from the 2016 school construction bond

Lake Stevens School District is committed to providing safe and modern and effective learning spaces for every student.
In 2016, our community approved a school construction bond. Funding from the bond allowed us to build a new elementary school and early learning center, modernize and expand Lake Stevens High School, and provide updates to safety and security and infrastructure systems at all schools.
Your support has made a difference for our students, and we are delivering on our promises.

Together, we're shaping a bright future for Lake Stevens. Thank you!