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2005 Bond Projects

The bonds approved in 2005 will be paid off in 2025. These bonds paid for:

  • The building of Cavelero Mid High School; 
  • The modernization of Hillcrest, Mt. Pilchuck and Sunnycrest Elementary Schools; and 
  • Facilities improvements at Lake Stevens High School, including the new stadium.


Cavelero Mid High School seen from the football field

Cavelero Mid High School opened to students in 2008.

The football field at CMHS

The athletic field and track at Cavelero Mid High School.

Lake Stevens High School in 2005

Lake Stevens High School was modernized.

LSHS bleachers seen from the field

The LSHS stadium before modernization.

The LSHS field as seen from the bleachers

And the new and improved LSHS stadium. 

Evening scene of the LSHS field with a violet sky

Friday Night Lights in Lake Stevens. 

Exterior shot of Hillcrest Elementary

Hillcrest Elementary School was modernized.

Exterior shot of Mt. Pilchuck Elementary

Mt. Pilchuck Elementary School was modernized.

Exterior view of Sunnycrest Elementary

Sunnycrest Elementary School was modernized.