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Instructional Development Team


Our team of district educators are working hard to bring meaningful content and learning opportunities to Lake Stevens Schools. This year, EDI Instructional Development Team members made a two-year commitment to meet twice a month in order to receive training on our defined growth areas so we can be leaders in our own spaces. With representation from each building, we are able to bring and share resources with our teams.

Equity Cohorts Spring 2023

Special Education, Julie Sewald

Lake Stevens High School, Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Guilfoil, Kristin Odegaard

Cavelero Mid-High School, Hanna Hermes, Tina Kinnard, Max Duell, Alyssa Miller

Lake Stevens Middle School, Monique Gaynes, Casey Hedglin

North Lake Middle School, Beth Ross, Erin Burleigh, Ashli Atwood, Sara Mack, Debbie Speirs

Sunnycrest Elementary School, Ange Kendall

Stevens Creek Elementary School, Becky Selby, Kristyna Fauland

Skyline Elementary School, Michelle Dittbrenner, Sara Seiber

Hillcrest Elemetary School, Keith Linnington

Highland Elementary School, Roland Roth

Mt. Pilchuck Elementary School, Theresa Gipson, Tracy Elwell

Glenwood Elementary School, Angelica Weenink, Sarah Linington

Food Services, Michelle Englebretson