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SACo Newsletter

Oct. 6, 2023

What have we been up to?

Business cards and informational materials on a table

Get to Know SACo booth at LSHS

What an amazing way to kick off this school year! We put together a Get to Know SACo booth at LSHS during the family night, we finally got to display our newsletter by posting them around the school; and of course, our introduction to SACo video which was posted on social media platforms. We are getting super excited and inspired for this year, and can't wait to see all of you!

Committee Updates

Stress Relief Committee
We strive to learn what ails you in this school system, as we ourselves face constant stress, and search for ways to make life less overwhelming. In this committee we will ask for your opinion and we hope to find solutions to YOUR problems.

Sense of Belonging Committee
This year we are going to work on collecting students' thoughts and opinions on how we can make a place where every student is welcome. To reach this goal we are going to collect comments from our students through forms and lunchtime activities.

Publishing Policy Updates Committee
Our goal in this committee is to make our policies not just easily readable, but also accessible and easy to understand for students using tools that we have as well as any future tools that could help assist us in our goal in the future.

May 2023

What have we been up to?

We have been very busy this past month, for starters we had our first board report which went amazing. We also had the Heritage Night at Cavelero on May 3rd, and all the SACo members were there and participated in the amazing tradition of our community's culture. We have also been updating our Google Classroom and our website. So check that out!

Committee Updates

We don't have any major updates, but we will have some soon.

April 2023

What have we been up to?

We have met twice in our own committees, and we have been working on identifying the projects we need to work on for the school. We started creating lnstagram posts to educate the community on SACo, and we are preparing for our board report we will be presenting in the upcoming weeks.

Committee Updates

Student Stress Relief Committee: The stress relief committee's main agenda is to find affordable, sufficient and innovative ways to aid our students in the limit of stress.

Interrupting Hate Speech Committee: We are working on creating social media posts to educators our community on specific things that are included in interrupting hate speech. We will reach out to leaders in hopes of restarting our disrupting hate speech training. 

Sense of Belonging Committee: We have met twice now, and we are working on the logistics for ideas we have to welcome students to our schools! We are also hoping to collaborate with other committees to grow these ideas. 

Publishing Policy Updates Committee: Our mission in this committee is to integrate accessibility into district policies by making them easily viewable, readable, and understandable at a quick glance using already existing tools at our disposal.