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Free & Reduced Information

Lake Stevens School District participates in the National School Lunch and Breakfast Program sponsored by the USDA. All families who meet federal income eligibility guidelines may apply for meal benefits and can access additional district and community benefits with this annual eligibility.

Applications are available at each school all year long and may be completed and returned to the school or delivered to the district office. All information provided is kept confidential. Information on this program is available in the school office or you can call the Nutrition Office at 425-335-1561 for more information. Households will be notified by the Food & Nutrition Office of your approval status with a printed or emailed letter mailed home when the application has been processed. Please email if you have any questions.

If you need school meal program information in another language, please call 425-335-1561.

Si necesita información sobre el programa de comidas escolares en otro idioma, llame al 425-335-1561.

  • What does it mean to be free or reduced-priced eligible next year?
    • After applying, students that are determined to be free or reduced-price eligible based on the USDA’s income guidelines will have access to FREE breakfasts and lunches all school year.
      • Free and Reduced Eligible students: $0.00 for breakfast and lunch
      • Due to recent state funding, the eligible copay has been eliminated and reduced-price students can also receive breakfasts and lunches at no charge. 
  • What are the USDA Income Guidelines to know if our household will qualify for meal benefits?
    • Please review these income and household guidelines if you are thinking of applying.
    • 2024-25 Income Guidelines - Effective July 1, 2024
  • How much will meals cost if my student does not have meal benefits?
    • Current meal prices are: 
      • Paid Elementary: $3.50 for lunch and $2.00 for breakfast
      • Paid Secondary (Middle, CAV and LSHS): $3.75 for lunch and $2.00 for breakfast
      • Free and Reduced Eligible students: $0.00 for breakfast and lunch
  • How do I know if my family/student will qualify for free or reduced-priced meals?
    • Any family can apply for free or reduced-priced meals starting August 2023.
    • The Food & Nutrition Services Office would be happy to answer any questions you have about the application process.
    • Please contact or call 425-335-1561 for more information.
    • Please see the income guidelines below.
    • We want to encourage any family to apply to receive these great benefits if you think your household will qualify.

Free & Reduced Meal Application Materials

Program Information Letter:

Completed applications can be returned in-person at your child's school or the district office. If you completed the application digitally, you can email it to

If you need a physical copy mailed to your home, please complete the following form:

Student School Meal Eligibility & Financial Benefits

A student's school meal eligibility (free/reduced) is commonly tied to financial benefits with various programs in our district or throughout the community. We are unable to release this information without your prior consent with signature and date and/or will need you to provide the approval letter on you student(s) behalf.

    • Parent or Guardian Approval to Release Student(s) Free & Reduced Eligibility  Parents/Guardians must provide signed consent to share their student(s) eligibility and verify their eligibility status with food services for the current school year to receive a reduction of fees in our InTouch system.  Benefits may include: Chromebook Protection Plan, AP Testing, Summer School, ASB Cards, ASB Dances, ASB Competitions, ASB Conferences, ASB Plays, ASB Home Games, ASB Uniforms, ASB Field Trips, ASB Dues
    • Your student may not have the option for a reduction of fees until this form is received and processed by our office. This is an annual process. When the Nutrition Office processes this form, it will sync any new entries to the InTouch online payment center at 3 p.m. each day and upload to the student profile in InTouch later that evening.
    • Parents/Guardians must provide proof of their student(s) active eligibility with a copy of the Free/Reduced Approval Letter from the Nutrition Office. For More information, click here.

      • Food Services can provide proof of your student(s) free/reduced eligibility by providing a copy of the eligibility approval letter to the parent/guardian to aid in this process.  This was also emailed or mailed to you at the time you were approved by If you need another copy, we can provide this letter via email, directly mailed to the household, or you can pick it up at the district office.

      • Then the approval letter can be shared by the parent/guardian with the group/organization you are seeking benefits with. 

      • To request another copy of the Free/Reduced Approval Letter from the Nutrition Office; Email: or call our office: 425-335-1561

  • District Support: If you are unable to receive this approval letter and need assistance from an in district contact, you can fill out this form to request support and give consent. Please specify the program benefit you are seeking on the form. 

Mail or drop-off to your school or the district office:
Lake Stevens School District Nutrition Office
12309 22nd St. NE, Lake Stevens, WA 98258

Fax: 425-335-1549

Questions - Call the Nutrition Office: (425) 335-1561

Additional resources for Kids: Learn about programs in our community that can assist your family.