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Prepay for Meals Online or View Student Accounts

My MealTime Online

Add money to your student's Nutrition Services account with My MealTime.



You will need to know the following to use My MealTime:

  • The name of your student's school
  • Your student's 6-digit ID number
  • You will need to add a leading zero (0xxxxxx) before the student ID number to match how it appears in the system. For example, if the number were 123456, you would enter 0123456.

My MealTime

Get the My MealTime app for your device!

How can I pay for school meals?

  • Online: You can make an online payment through our meal payment system

    • To sign up you will need to know your child's school and 6 digit ID number with leading zero. (i.e. 0612345). 

    • There is a small transaction fee of 4.9% for the secure payment processing services For example: a $20.00 deposit would have a $0.98 service fee = $20.98 total transaction.

    • Funds deposited online are reflected in the student's account within 5 minutes.

    • There is a $20.00 minimum total deposit.

  • At School: We accept cash or checks (made payable to Food Services) at any school or the district office. We have a classroom envelope collection system at the elementary level.

What is the price of school meals?

How can I make a donation for unpaid school meals?

  • The ESC District office accepts checks or cash for donations. We also have on online payment option through our district ONLINE PAYMENTS portal.  Search: Donation and select Food & Nutrition Services Student Meal Donations.

Who can I contact if I have questions about my student account or how to apply for free or reduced-price meal benefits?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get my student’s ID or PassCode to add them to my account?

Your student’s ID will likely be printed on official correspondence (such as registration forms) from the school or school district. If you have not received a letter with your student’s ID or (for participating schools), please contact your school or the Nutriton Office for assistance at 425-335-1561 or email:

I need help with my student’s cafeteria account or account balance.

Please contact your student’s school or school district for assistance. is a service that connects you to your student’s account information only. Any account changes, balance adjustments, or refunds must be made through the Nutrition Office at 425-335-1561 or email:

I can’t remember my username or password

If you have forgotten your username or password, we can send login assistance to the email address you used when you registered for your account. Click here to request an email with your credentials. If you no longer have access to this email address, please call MealTime Support at 800.755.0904 between the hours of 5am to 5pm Pacific, Monday through Friday.

I am using the correct username and/or password, but it is not accepted requires that cookies and SSL be enabled in your browser. If you are attempting to access the site through a third-party link, try clicking here to login instead.

My payment method has been declined

Please contact your bank or card issuer for more information.

I made a deposit, but I can’t see it on my student’s account.

Most schools will receive your deposit and post it to your student’s cafeteria account within 5 minutes.  Some schools may only synchronize once or twice per day, which means it may take 24 hours to show up here. You can always check your receipts to make sure the payment was accepted if you’re not sure.

I want to withdraw my student's funds or request a refund

Please contact the Nutrition Office to arrange for funds on your student's cafeteria account to be withdrawn and returned to you according our procedures.

Is there a fee to use

You can add students, check account balances, and set reminders at no cost to you. The only fees you may incur are directly related to adding funds to your student’s cafeteria account.

Why is there a fee to add funds to a student’s cafeteria account?

Service fees are attached to every electronic purchase, payment, or deposit you make, whether it’s shopping for a new sweater or funding your student’s cafeteria account.  These fees are normally hidden in the cost of the goods and services you buy.  These fees are not covered by our school district. We accept cash or check at any school if you would like to avoid any service fees for the convenence of an online payment system.