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Nutrition & Wellness Policy

District Policy Information

  • Lake Stevens Nutrition and Physical Fitness Policy  Policy #3610, Revised: 8/13/2014   
  • Every building/department is responsible for complying with the district wellness policy.
  • Food and beverages sold during the "school day" must meet the building's age-appropriate nutrition and portion size standards. School day is defined as midnight before to half hour after school is released.

Best Practices:

  • A binder works great to keep track of your approved items being sold during the school day.
  • These documents demonstrate compliance.
  • Documentation of products offered, including nutrition facts label with listed ingredients should be on file and available.
  • Any item sold should be checked for compliance by utilizing the Smart Snacks Product Calculator. The calculator provides a print out stating if the product is compliant or not. Keep this for your documented records.

Excel Vending Compliant Food & Beverages
Click Here to see Approved Items - updated January 2019


 To View PDF: Smart Snacks In Schools At A Glance


Smart Snacks Page 1


School Nutrition and Physical Activity Advisory Committee

If you are interested in participating in our School Wellness Policy process or committee, please contact: 

Purpose: To bring together a focused group volunteers interested in participating in the development and ongoing evaluation of our district Wellness Policy.  

Advisory Committee | Source: POLICY NO. 3610

The District shall convene a Nutrition and Physical Activity Advisory Committee to assist in implementation of the district-wide nutrition and physical fitness policy. The committee shall include food service directors, staff, parents, building level administrators, school board members, students, nutritionists, health care professionals, physical education staff, the public, and interested community organizations.

If you are a student, parent, staff member or community member and have any interest in joining the advisory committee or participating in any capacity, please contact

Meetings: The Advisory Group will meet annually and as needed to make recommendations to the Board of Directors and school buildings.

Location ESC District Office in Room B & C

  • Next Meeting: Monday June 12th, 2023 from 3:00 pm - 3:30 pm.
  • To review and discuss smart snack product compliance with any fundraising/selling groups.
  • Please join us and bring any questions or concerns. 

Current Interested Members:

  • Food & Nutrition Services Supervisor, Lake Stevens School District
  • Food & Nutrition Services Assistant Supervisor, Lake Stevens School District
  • Food & Nutrition Services Field Assistant, Production Kitchen
  • Associate Principal, North Lake Middle School
  • Deca / School Store Advisor, Lake Stevens High School
  • ASB Advisor, Lake Stevens High School
  • Para Educator/DECA, Lake Stevens High School
  • FCCLA Advisor, Lake Stevens High School
  • Student Store Advisor, Cavelero Mid-High School
  • Family & Consumer Sciences Advisor, Lake Stevens High School
  • Parent
  • Physical Education Teacher, Cavelero Mid High
  • Physical Education Teacher, Lake Stevens High School
  • Wellness/Health Teacher, Lake Stevens Middle School
  • Occupational Therapist (OTR/L), Sunnycrest, Highland and Lake Stevens Middle School
  • School Nurse, Lake Stevens High School
  • Field Supervisor, Food & Nutrition Services, LSSD
  • DECA Student, Lake Stevens High School
  • DECA Student, Lake Stevens High School
  • DECA Student, Lake Stevens High School
  • Student, Lake Stevens High School 

Triennial Building Wellness Policy Compliance & Assessment Survey 2023

  • Wellness Policy Assessment Survey Results - This Google Survey was emailed to every school building, and assessed school compliance and district progress towards attaining our wellness policy goals.
  • Wellness Policy Scorecard- This scorecard is a measure of how our local school wellness policy compares to model wellness polices, (assessed utilizing the WellSat: 3.0 Wellness School Assessment Tool).