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Family Internet Connectivity Support

Having a reliable connection to the internet is essential for families and students to engage in accessing resources, completing online/digital assignments and to communicate with family and friends.  There are many options available from a variety of resources to support the connectivity needs of our LSSD families.  If you are in need of internet connectivity, see the list below to determine which option best meets your family’s needs.  

Option 1: Local Internet

Families should contact their local Internet Service Provider (ISP) such as Comcast/Xfinity, Ziply, etc. regarding discounted rates for students and families. Most Internet companies have plans for various income levels, and some do not require social security numbers, credit checks, etc.

Families who qualify for Free & Reduced Meals: 

Option 2: Mobile Carriers

Mobile phones can be used as personal Internet hot spots to connect student computers to the Internet. Some cellular providers also offer mobile WiFi hotspots.

Option 3: Open Public Internet

There are open and free Internet options for families in our communities. We urge students and families to abide by Washington State’s "Stay at Home" orders and social distancing practices, by staying inside cars when possible when using the below resources.

If these options do not support your needs, contact and you will be contacted to discuss other options.