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Summer Learning Supports Secondary

Summer Learning Supports (Secondary)

Lake Stevens secondary students and families,

As we approach summer we want to share resources with you that can be accessed and used in the coming months to keep student academic skills sharpened in preparation for next school year.

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cK-12 focuses on math and science. The staff of cK-12 determined the basic essential learning that must be mastered in selected secondary math and science courses in order to be prepared for the upcoming course. They included lessons, interactive activities and practice problems/answers for these essential learnings in short booklets called flexlets. The table below directs students to the correct flexlet for our math courses:

Math Course Completed Appropriate Flexlet
Sixth Grade Prep for 7th Grade Math
Seventh Grade Prep for 8th Grade Math
Eighth Grade and Pre-Algebra Prep for High School Math
Algebra 1 Review of Algebra
Geometry Review of Algebra (preferred to prepare for Algebra 2) and/or Review of Geometry

Middle School Science
These grades have integrated content so review is from the Flexlet chapters outlined in the table below. There are lots of learning activities to choose from.

Science Course Completed Appropriate Flexlet
Sixth Grade Earth Science Prep Chapters 8, 9
Physical Science Prep Chapter 12
Life Science Prep Chapter 3, 7
Seventh Grade Earth Science Prep Chapters 4, 5, 6
Physical Science Prep Chapters 3, 6
Life Science Prep Chapter 6

High School Science
High School Science students simply select the flexlet for the course they’ll begin in Fall 2021; that is, a student who registers for physical science would select Prep for Physical Science, one who registers for Biology would select Prep for Biology, one who registers for Chemistry would select Prep for Chemistry, etc.

Science Course Completed Appropriate Flexlet
Eighth Grade Prep for Physical Science
Physical Science Prep for Physical Science
Conceptual Chemistry & Physics Prep for Biology
Biology Prep for Chemistry
Chemistry Prep for Physics
Khan Academy

Khan Academy provides a broad range of support for different learner levels and content areas, including Arts and Humanities, Reading and Language Arts, Math, Science, and more. Once on the site, click the Courses drop down menu in the upper left corner and select the appropriate course.


Duolingo is a free and optional site that supports students who are in World Language classes. Select the language you’re studying and follow the instructions.

Contact your school if you have further questions about utilizing these resources. We’re here to help you!