• Dear Community Members,

    Welcome to the 2017-18 school year! It's in full swing. There are numerous construction projects underway, including new kindergarten classrooms; the P-5 Campus; and the modernization and expansion of the high school. More information is available on our Construction page

    Last spring we conducted our annual Thoughtexchange survey where we engaged parents, staff members, community members—and even a few students. Participants were asked what concerns they have about their school; what they appreciate about their school; and what thoughts they have about our current use of technology in our classrooms. They were then asked to rate the district overall. Here are those results

    We continue to have high student achievement throughout our district, thanks to the hard work and dedication of our excellent teachers, administrators and support staff. Our Smarter Balanced Assessment scores show that we once again are outperforming the state and other districts in Snohomish County.
    This year we are focusing on equity in education for our students living in poverty. To get started with this important work, we welcomed Dr. Donna Beegle, founder of Communication Across Barriers, to speak to all of our staff members. Dr. Beegle was born into a migrant labor family and experienced generational poverty first hand. Her inspiring messages helped us gain a deeper understanding of the realities of poverty in order to better help our students. This includes more effective communication and building stronger relationships. 

    Please feel free to contact me with questions, or just to share your thoughts.
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    Dr. Amy Beth Cook, Superintendent