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    Mr. White
    Phone: 425-335-1515 
    Subject(s): Chemistry
    I graduated from LSHS in 2008, and went to Columbia University in NY.  I also attended Occidental College where I played baseball and graduated with a B.A. in Chemistry in 2012.  I have my Masters in Teaching Math and Science (M.T.M.S.) from Seattle Pacific University, and I am currently working on a M.S. in Physics at UW.  When I am not in the classroom you will probably find me on the baseball field.  In 2013, I was the head baseball coach at Mariner HS and last year I came back to help coach here at LSHS.  I also coach for the Seattle Bombers and Lake Stevens Baseball Club. I have two Alaskan Malamutes: Mal and Inara (named after Firefly characters)... I'm also a nerd.  Some cool things about me: I went to the same two colleges as Barack Obama, I'm proficient in German, and I've met Patrick Stewart and James Spader.  My door is always open for help before or after school.  If you can, sign up on my door beforehand so I know to expect you.
    2004-2008     Lake Stevens High School 
    2008-2010     Columbia University 
    2010-2012     B.A. in Chemistry from Occidental College 
    2013-2014     M.T.M.S. from Seattle Pacific University 
    1st- Planning
    2nd- Chemistry
    3rd- Chemistry
    4th- Chemistry
    5th- Chemistry
    6th- Chemistry