LSMS Before/After School
    Activities and Clubs
    Throughout the year, LSMS runs a variety of interesting after school clubs.  Most are a semester long, but some run the entire year.
    Below is an example of some of the clubs offered at Lake Stevens Middle School.


    Morning Math Help- Mr. Davis in Rm. 114 -Monday - Thursday at 7:30 AM


    Game Club (2:30- 3:30) in Cafeteria - variety of game choices with Mrs. Rood.

    Yearbook Club-Counseling Center-,(10/29, 11/5, 11/26,12/3,12/10,1/14,2/4,2/1,13/4,3/11,6/10)

    Tech Deck Club- (7:15 AM-7:45 AM)- Portable 8

    Math Support-(2:30-3:30) in ASC room 114


    Pride Posse- in Portable 8 with Mrs. Mauer. Come make fun plans that create a positive school climate

    Software Club- (2:30-3:30) Ms. Milliken Room 108

    Study Club- (2:30-3:30)-work on homework independently or get some help with Mr. Davis.

    Chess Club-(2:30-3:30)- Mr. Lee Room 102



    Tech Deck Club-(7:15-AM- 7:45 AM)-Portable 8

    Math Support-(2:30-3:30) in ASC room 114


    Diversity Club- (2:30-3:30) in room 103 with Ms. Herkert.

    Trading Card Club- in the Cafeteria with Mr. Crowninshield /Ms. Danner

    Builders Club- (2:30-3:30)- Mr. Davis Portable 8- a club that serves the community with fun projects!

    Crochet Club-(2:30-3:30)-Mrs. DeGabrielle Room 106

    Drama Club- (2;30-3:30) Mrs. Wagner Room 109



    Pirate Period- homework help  (1:10-2:10) in ASC room 114