• Hello wonderful LSSD families,

    We are honored to be the school district's Family Engagement & Student Success Specialists. We look forward to helping provide resources and support services to our students and their families. We do this by connecting and building positive relationships to gain a better understanding of the needs of our students and families. Building relationships helps us form strong future connections between our students, families, staff members, district and the community. We also want to support students in gaining confidence and identify tools to continue on a positive path for their current and future educational careers.

    Warm wishes,
    Your LSSD Family Engagement Student Success Specialists

    Karen Tadio: 425-512-6212 | Email Karen
    Supporting all students (P-12) living in the NLMS boundary sections of the LSSD. (ELC, HLD, MTP, STC, SUN and 8th-12th Graders).

    Sydney Banister: 425-231-9058 | Email Sydney
    Supporting all students (P-12) living in the LSMS boundary sections of the LSSD. (ELC, GLW, HLC, SKY and 8th-12th Graders).